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Baba in Dwarkamai

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Dwarkamai is a mosque where Baba spent about 60 years of his life. In Baba’s early days only upper portion of the mosque was existed and Baba kept the sacred fire (dhuni) all his life and is kept on till to day.

Sai Baba said, “Hech Aapli Dwarka Matha! Mashid che ye aaki baistha lekhru dehi nirbhayast.” Roughly translated, This is our Dwarka Mata (Mother), children sitting in this Masjid shoud be fearless.”
Sai Baba also said about the Masjid that Masjid was “Mota Kripalu” (tremendously compassionate), and devotees can easily cross the ocean (beda par) (out of the mundane problems of life to the spiritually highest attainment).
He also said that the walls of Masjid were made of gold. If we look at the physical or gross property of the walls of Dwarkamai, with our gross eyes, evidently we see walls made of stones. It was the great spiritual wealth that Dwarka Mai and her walls hold that Sai Baba was referring to.

Masjid Mai as Sai Baba would call it is the place where Sai Baba spent most of his life. Darbar would be hold in the Masid Mai. Sai Baba performed many miracles. Miracles he performed out of love and care for his devotees whom he drew near him. Countless devotees benefited and still benefit from his great characteristics of performing miracles.
However the greatest miracle I feel is the miracle of sowing the seeds of Bhakti or devotion in the devotees. The closeness the devotees feel with him. The motherly figure of Sai Baba, who’s presence is always felt by his devotees, whenever he is needed. The grace-showering saint, known as Sai Baba, always eager to wash his devotee’s troubles and problems, used miracles and uses miracles to calm down his devotees and unburden them.
Sai Baba often used to say that those who climb the steps of Masjid Mai, the Dwarka Mai all their problems will be solved. He also often said that he is eager to take the burden of his devotees, if they surrender to him whole heatedly and cast their burden on him. Sai Baba kept the fire alive in the Masjid Mai, which he called Dhuni.
He said that the Dhuni was there to burn all the sins of His devotees. The Dhuni is still alive and burning the sins of the loved devotees of the great saint and unparalleled saint, called Sai Baba. If we visit Shirdi now the Dhuni has been covered by the grill, and at the end of the grill there are two small Padukas installed, this is the place where Sai Baba used to sit, near the Dhuni and work for the devotees and humanity in general.
Same place is a kundi where Sai Baba used to put the food he used to beg. And everybody the humans and the animals where allowed to partake from it. We can still see a kundi with some food in it. Just after that is a pot full of water, from where the devotees can drink the water as prasad.

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